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Pure West is an alternative healthcare facility located in Holland, Michigan that specializes in all services pertinent to marihuana as a medical treatment. Recognized as one of Michigan's well-respected medical marihuana certification centers and dispensary club, Pure West Compassion Club has been providing the state's medical marihuana patients with nothing but the finest services in modern healthcare. With a compassionate foundation, we are dedicated to putting patients first and alleviating any respective conditions that are brought forth through our doors.

As a Michigan medical marihuana dispensary and certification center, Pure West Compassion Club features an extensive list of patient support services that are meant to assist and maximize a patient's overall wellness. This Holland location offers medical marijuana evaluations, medical marihuana recommendations and medical marihuana certifications, all of which are capable of bringing a Michigan medical marihuana patient one step closer to obtaining their medicine. Please note that each and every service that is featured through this location is completely professional and never strays from remaining 100% within complete compliance of any of Michigan's medical marihuana bylaws and regulations.

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If you’re a member you can schedule your budtender consultation below. If you’d like to set up a pre-qualification meeting to request your med card from the state, you can do so by following the appointment button below.

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Love this place! They made getting my card a breeze and going into the clinic is great. The guys there are really friendly and knowledgeable. They have a little bit of everything in there and just so darn handy to have around. Becoming a member is absolutely worth it!! I suggest it to everyone who asks me about it all.
— Zombri Stoel, Local Guide
The last four years this wonderful clinic has help me to become more active than ever. Im a tbi patient and at one point I was bedridden, with the help of this clinic im running the almay river run. Thanks you guys for everything!
— jason massey
I’ve been going here for years and I will never go anywhere else. The people are so friendly and helpful and I never leave disappointed. Keep it up. Love this place ❤️
— Ellie Kish
Very professional and well organized. The folks there are friendly and knowledgeable.Thanks a lot for your help.
— Stanley Zachery



We only utilize the best products available for our patients. We find it incredibly important to provide our patients with a consistency unmatched by others so that their experience is something they can depend on daily. That is why we vet everything that comes through our door and continually deliver a great experience time and time again.


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About The Founder

MY NAME IS Christopher

I started Pure West Compassion Club back in 2013 with the sole belief that the people of West Michigan deserved nothing but the highest quality medical grade marijuana products to alleviate their conditions and symptoms. It was tough witnessing and hearing about the thousands of people who were stuck in an intolerable position with traditional medicine. Me and my family have fought for the medical marijuana rights since our inception and will continue to be at the forefront of the movement while maintaining high standards to ensure only the best product reaches your hands. The Pure West family looks forward to helping you heal.

Until we meet,





Award Winning Strains

Do Si Dos, Wedding Cake, Black Diesel, Darkstar and dozens more of the most consistent, pure, and helpful strains available for your needs.

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Edibles, Rosin, Waxes, RSO & More

We make sure to deliver on our promise of providing vetted products that meet the varying THC and CBD demands of our patients.

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Pens, Cartridges, Vapes, Etc.

We’re here to help you feel your best. We keep the highest quality cartridges and the best brands stocked so you’re never missing out on the best.

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